Classroom Management and Organization Tips

The most important factor governing student learning is Classroom Management.
In an effective classroom,the students are responsible for carrying out the procedures which have been organized for their learning.
The teacher is constantly concerned with student behavior since this impacts heavily on how the rest of the students learn.
Classroom Management refers to all of the things a teacher does in order to organize students" space,time and materials so that learning can take place in a conducive environment.
For effective Classroom Management you should consider these four areas.
1. Classroom ambiance..  the look and feel of your classroom. Do you want too much noise or controlled voices. How does your desk look like.?Does it reflect that you are an orderly person?
2. Procedures...Make sure your procedures are streamlined . Students should know what to do all the time
 and you should manage your time and students" time efficiently.
3. Engage all students...The way you deliver your lessons should have a lot of variety and animation in order
 to motivate and engage all students.You need to encourage all students and let them know that you believe
 that they can all succeed.
4. Establish discipline...Create an environment of consistency and mutual respect.You will eliminate some discipline problems and facilitate solving of others.

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