Teaching Philosophy/ Style

 I believe that each child possesses gifts and attributes which are unique to that child and as such all the children in my classroom are different and therefore I should find a way of meeting their individual needs and learning styles.
Each child needs to have a safe,secure and caring environment which allows him or her to learn.My role as an educator is to assist these children develop emotionally, physically and intellectually so that they mature into responsible adults.It is my duty to provide an environment which is safe and where children feel empowered to fully participate in all learning activities taking place in the classroom.
I believe that as an educator, one of my key roles is to provide guidance to the children. I should be able to direct them to where they can get information and find anwers to their questions and curiosity.
When developing a curriculum, I believe that students should be invited to participate in the process.
Given this opportunity, students will be able to contribute their own ideas.
When students take ownership of the curriculum, they are motivated to work harder in order to achieve the set goals.
Finally I believe in setting Classroom Procedures which incorporate behavior expectations.These should be fair and applied consistently across the board. I believe that students will have greater respect for their teachers,themselves and their fellow students when they feel safe and are sure of what is expected of them.
The classroom rules should be constantly reviewed in dialogue with the students. Doing it this way will
ensure that the students continue to respect these rules.
Teaching provides me with an opportunity for learning and growth and I feel Iam dedicated and excited enough to work with children as I strive to satisfy their needs.

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