Tips for New Teachers

The first thing you want to do is to set the tone for the whole year ahead of you. You need to have a detailed plan of how your first day at school will go and make a positive impression on your students on how the year ahead will be.
1. Have detailed classroom procedures which will cover important things like homework assignments,
 where to find  and how to deal with materials, classroom dismissal and any other classroom rules which you
 expect your students to follow .
2. Develop a detailed description of student behavior expectations and consequences and make sure these
  will blend with the overall school rules.
3. Make friends with other older and more experienced  teachers at the school.They can be very handy when
  you have questions regarding discipline, lesson planning and parent conferencing.
4. Make use of the internet. You will always find new ideas and assistance with lesson planning and other
  teaching strategies.
5. Make sure you attend any Staff Development programs which are made available to new teachers.Most of
  of them are very helpful and provide you with additional details which you may not find in school manuals.
6. Parents are very helpful and you should establish contact early enough and provide them with periodical
  updates on how their kids are doing, whether bad or good. Solicit their expertise and you will find that
  parents love getting involved.
7. Lastly always remember that the first year is always the hardest. Each year will become easier because you will gain new insights and expertise as each year passes. Remember, being a teacher is a tough job!

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