Web 2.0 Applications


Creating a Glogster was a brand new experience for me. I didn't realize that something like that was possible but after following the instructions over and over again I was able to set it up. I enjoyed changing and setting up different walls and videos and embedding images. The tutorial was clear although it took me a few times to actually follow all the instructions.


Social Bookmarking...


I find my delicious account to very useful, and a lifesaver many times. It allows me to visit several sites and tag them as I see fit, instead of having to worry about remembering site names. Delicious tags have changed my teaching experience!

Google Docs...


Google Docs allows me to access my documents from my Gmail account regardless of my location. This helps me a lot and allows me to work and be productive even when I do not have my account.

Google Reader...


The beauty of Google Reader is that it shows you all the blogs, pages and RSS feeds that you are subscribed to, all in one place. It also has a few useful features, bundle following, for example, that allow you to subscribe to several related feeds at once.



Wiki is a strange concept to grasp when you are setting it up. However, once you navigate a few of the tabs and do the tutorial, you become more familiar with the tools. The ability to invite people, set up  projects and define teams, edit and save your work are all features that add to the functionality of this concept.

Digital Story...

Creating a digital story was fun, simple and the website was very user-friendly. It's a useful tool to create interesting slide shows that make learning fun for students!

New Web 2.0 Tool...

I used the following website that allows teachers to create interactive graphs to demonstrate or illustrate various topics or ideas. The applications of this new web 2.0 tool are potentially endless and very promising. I strongly encourage teachers to make use of it! The website is: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/default.aspx

Here is a a graph I created using this tool.

Here are the 3 blogs I have commented on:
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3. Christine Johnson: http://sywtt.blogspot.com/

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